The Aqua Community Relations Group understands that transparency and collaboration lead to better decisions, and that accurate and interesting information helps support effective implementation. Our veteran outreach professionals promise a thoughtful, refreshing approach to informing and involving stakeholders and project teams.


Who wants to know? The team at Aqua knows that a waiter may care about different details than an architect, and the two may have entirely different vocabularies. We help our clients identify who the project affects, what people need to know, and the best ways to communicate in a media-rich world.


Newsletters can be so last century. (Or not.) From door hangers to white papers, power points to video scripts, Aqua’s team delivers crisp, clear writing. We combine memorable content with appealing, fresh images, tied to branding elements that reinforce the message and mood.


Face to face is always personal. Count on Aqua’s events pros for every detail of your next event. From guest speakers and locations, to videos and transcripts, we can facilitate and manage your media events, meetings, workshops and conferences. We’ve got this.

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