Troy Murphree, Senior Associate

Troy Murphree has more than 30 years of experience working with stakeholders and regulators on environmental planning issues. She joined the Aqua team in 2014, and has supported projects related to the City of San Diego’s Storm Water Management programs.

Before joining the Aqua team, Troy’s career included 10 years as an environmental consultant, and 20 years as environmental and watershed coordinator for Sweetwater Authority. She prepared a variety of regulated documents, and coordinated with developers, engineers, community groups, and regulatory agencies. Her responsibilities included work with the US Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Fish and Game, US Fish and Wildlife Services, and the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Troy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography from San Diego State University, with emphasis in Cartography and Conservation, and minors in Biology and Art. She was recognized for lifetime achievement with an award for Outstanding Contribution to the Environmental Profession from the Association of Environmental Professionals  in 2012.

A doting mother and grandmother, Troy travels frequently to spend time with her grandchildren, and speaks with reverence of her two daughters, who are special education professionals. In her spare time, Troy volunteers with the City of San Diego Community Forest Advisory Board, as well as the College Area Community Council and  the Planning Board of Mesa Colony Community.